If you're stressing trying to decide what are the best tools and services to use as

a content-creating entrepreneur, these are my top recommended tools.

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My Best Selling Book for Content Creating Entrepreneurs.

When you're trying to make money with your videos, that strategy only works to sell more of your products, services, and broaden your brand when people actually watch your videos.

To do that, you have to learn to craft videos that gets people watching, sharing, asking for more, and reaching out to learn how to work with you. This book will show you how.

Camera Gear & Accessories

Cameras I Currently Use & Recommend

By far my favorite camera ever to date.

Powered by the same sensor and video features (plus a few more features their camera didn't have) that filmed movies like

The Creator and packed with creator friendly features, especially with content creating entrepreneurs in mind.

This little gem is a creative powerhouse! Seriously.

It takes all the awesomeness of the entire Sony a6x00 series lineup, it's highest specs, adds in some more features none of those camera have, and provides an amazing result in a small package.

As of 2024, I have transitioned to the Sony ZV-E1, but this is one camera I have no issues recommending to new creator's

looking to create like a pro on a budget.

Even if you're not on a budget, this is still a gem to have.

This camera's feature set, specs, and price make this camera a one stop shop you won't need to upgrade from. Yes, it's an APS-C camera, and that's means nothing except to full frame snobs.

Built like a tank, built-in in-body stabilization, 4k 120p,

an incredible image quality and the grip feels awesome in the hand.

This camera is sick! If you're going the APS-C route, just get this.

Lenses I Use

This gem has been with me since 2019, when I first switched to Sony, and I literally use this lens every single week. The quality is amazing, it's compact, lightweight, and produces a beautiful result.

It's an APS-C lens, but I use it more on my ZV-E1 than any full frame lens I've ever had. Whoever said aps-c lenses don't work great on full frame cameras clearly never had this lens in their arsenal.

This lens is worth the hype it receives online, it actually is that good. Super sharp, focuses like a native Sony lens, it's quiet and overall just brilliant. It's a little on the heavy side, but that's typical with most Sigma lenses. This is another APS-C lens, but it's brilliant.

Camera Accessories

You'd think something so small like quick release plates isn't worth mentioning, but you'd wrong lol. These strong little clips replaced my beloved Ulanzi Quick Claw clips, and they thinner, smaller, and battle tested. From my backpack clip for traveling to every tripod I own use these clips in every aspect of my setup.

I've literally ran these 4k and 1080p cards for days nonstop and they've worked like a champ. When you make money with your video content, chancing your gear messing up can't be an option.

With these, my content looks amazing and they just work.

My Lighting Gear

I bought this setup once in 2019 and haven't had to "upgrade" it, swap it for another else, and it all works perfectly like it did from day 1. If you're lighting a home office, YouTube studio, or small area at an event you're hosting, this kit is perfect for that.

Without these, I'd look like someone has a flashlight directly on my face, you don't want that. Diffusion is the name of the game.

It softens the light to cast it evenly across your subject, aka you.

If you want the grid for these, you can get it here or the combo.

My Audio Gear

This microphone is considered a legendary microphone in the audio world for a reason. It's absolutely incredible! Beautiful rich depth to my voice, it rejects noise really well, and the perfect companion to produce anything you can dream up as a creator.

Another piece of kit I bought once and never had to "upgrade" from going on 6 years later. This mic rejects noise better, has a crisper tone to it, and an all metal body design. Looks like the Rode mic, which is also great, but in my opinion, this one is so much better.

After years of using the Rode Wireless Go 1 & 2 kits, this was a no brainer upgrade, I'm still reaping the rewards from. To make settings changes doesn't require any mobile or desktop app, and the background noise removal helps a lot in my home office.

The Mark 1 is also an awesome addition to any creator's kit.

Another piece of kit I've used for years that's battle tested.

They don't pick up a ton of noise or audio interference issues like others I've tested, your voice sounds like butter,

and it's very thin with a normal length cable.

This model is for smartphones and needs an adapter for cameras, but my personal preference for ultimate flexibility.

The version specifically for cameras is this model linked here.

I didn't think anything could take the place of my Rodcaster Pro,

but this little gem stole my heart and game me back so much desk space it's insane. With a built-in port to connect directly to my camera, two XLR ports, and a simple and easy to use interface, it's been my go-to that takes up hardly no space. I love this thing!

Technically, this would go in my software section, but it 100% deserves to be in the audio section. It does a ton of things for me, and chief among those is it's background noise removal in all my videos using my desk setup.

Live Streaming & Software Tools

My go-to content creation tool of choice!

This is one of the reasons I switched to Mac and it's SO worth it! From creating custom 4k live streams, to record nearly all my videos, host coaching calls, and even micro-content for social media,

and of course, record my podcast all in this one simple tool.

There are a lot of tools out there but Ecamm Live is the Rolls Royce of creating digital media for your brand!

StreamYard is a great browser based solution for my clients that don't use a Mac in their creative workflow. You can remote produce your shows, live streams, record, or host a virtual event with nearly any computer. There is a quality cap of 1080p and if there's an internet outage you can't access the program, but if that's a non-issue for you, StreamYard is a great option.

If there's anything you need to own, it's your own digital real estate. Name.com is where I go when I'm looking to purchase a piece of property online and quickly grab up a URL.

My favorite go-to place for renting camera gear to try and see if it's right for me before I fully invest in gear. From cameras to lenses, if there's you're wanting to try before you buy, go to LensRentals!

Use my link for $25 off your first order!